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Social media is misleading sometimes

I visit people's profile's on the daily and all I see is:

Linktree's, Low Quality Lead Pages, Beacon Link Pages etc.

What's wrong with these things you ask? Well let me explain:

The Problem with Link tree:

  • It's free Software and therefore has limited capabilities

  • It's just a bunch of links put together that are more confusing than helpful.

  • It creates an impasse between you and the customer or client because it sends the client and customer to an alternate page when they click on a link instead of straight to a product or an explanation of the product. This causes 90% of people to never buy, because after clicking on the link they are met with a bunch of links with names that they don't even understand.

I mean yea, "Twitter Cash Machine" sounds very intriguing to a well a researched affiliate marketer but If someone completely new to everything chanced upon your links page he or she will have no idea what's going on. A large % of potential customers, clients and followers are novices and you need to have everything prepared for them.

All free link and lead generation software like link tree, broadcast, short stack etc. have the same problems mentioned above ⬆️

A site that explains in short and detailed fashion what the product offers is much more attractive and is guaranteed to increase visitor to customer conversion by 138%

It would:

  •  Sell 138% More

  •  Look More Professional

  •  Increase the chance of potential customers to CLICK TWICE and STAY ON THE PAGE by 100%

Unfortunately sites like these take time to design

And look, I know what you are going through because you might have:

  • Kids to feed

  • A job to do daily

  • A wife or Husband to maintain an emotional connection with

  • Family gatherings

  • Family marriages

  • A Divorce

  • Taking the kids to school

  • Taking the kids to extra classes

  • Working 3 jobs to get by.

etc. etc. etc.

You don't have TIME to be researching and building these things.

So I will do it for you.

I’ve designed 100+ landing pages like the one you're looking for.

By studying advanced website design and what the human brain finds appealing when it comes to said design, I know EXACTLY what to do to make them CLICK.

The Process:

Give me you Affiliate Links so I can add them when building the site - Keep in mind they cant be used to scam you because they are directly connected to your email address (Which I don't have access to)

Give me a Color Scheme for the Page (Arrow at the Top Color, Subheadings Colors, Check Mark Colors)

Relax - I do EVERYTHING else


Full Setup 

High Defenition Graphic Design & Images Included

Professional Copywriting Included 

Future Maintenance 

Higher Visitor Rate

Higher Conversion Rate

More Professional Design

Higher Quality & ACTUAL Product Descriptions + Benefits

UNLIMITED Product Listings (As many links incorporated as you want)

Premium Account Privileges 

0 Monthly or Annual Fees

100% FREE 24/7 Administration

Option to use Custom Domain (Advised highly against this for several reasons I can explain in DMs)

Post Services:

Unlimited FREE Edits

Professional Copywriting Included

Future Maintenance (Incase you missed it)

take note: if I have built your site past 70% completion, there will be no refunds, because then I built a site for free. I am sure this is within reason.

Any Questions before you pay? DM Me ASAP

You may be eligible for a discount ⬆️

Want Proof?

Check out some Examples + Satisfied Customers ⬇️




I want this!

An advanced Link Page GUARENTEED to increase visitor to customer or client conversion rate by 100% AND Increase Sales by 170%


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